DineMore, Kohuwala

S De S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kohuwala, Colombo

Restaurant Information

Serving Cuisines: Fast Food, Burgers, Patisserie

Today: 10:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Price Range Approx Rs. 2,000 for two people.


  • Dine-In
  • Airconditioned
  • Credit-Cards
  • Take-Away
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Happy Hours
  • Live Performances
  • Smoking Area
  • Wifi Internet
  • Pure-Vegetarian
  • Serves Halal Food
  • Family Friendly
  • Bar Available
  • Delivery Available
  • Buffet
  • Parking Area

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Anonymous User

I got the worst service ever from this place. Really bad. first of all train your crew well. specially tell them how to respect to customers.

Anonymous User

Worst service. Just don't go there. Cashier guy and the waiter both are not polite.

Anonymous User


Anonymous User

i when to dinemore on the 9 of oct. and when i tryd to put an oder this guy who ws in the counter ws vry rude and told me he dnt take oders the othr guy do.i.was vry dispointed bcz i am a person who no about guest satisfaction.i wrk in this industry.so pls to who may it counsern pls take action about this.if nt its only going to get bad.nt good.thanks!

Sue Perera

This place is not clean. every time I go there are empty dishes on the table!

Anonymous User

Delivery is an absolute disappointment! I got the delivery after 2 1/2 hours after much complaining. Once the delivery arrived I realized that I got the wrong order (1 chicken burger, I submarine and garlic bread became 2 submarines). Food was soggy! The person who took the order was not at all enthusiastic or alert, felt as if I was speaking to a DEAD body! The delivery boy failed to even ask proper directions and hangs up soon. So many excuses!!! Customer service is a BIG NEGATIVE!

Anonymous User

Shit branch. They don't have anything here and I have no idea y this branch is still open. Plz close it

Anonymous User

What a service! I was trying to place a order today, i called the delivery number and it was utter ringing and no response, then i called the Dharmapala Branch" and person who answered told me that " Yeah the hotline people must be busy so because of that they wont answer the phone" (Wow Dinamore what a great service!) Then he gave me another number saying that they will make the delivery so the number he gave me was 0112302702 when i called them No, you have to call the other number then they gave me 0115991991, at last ! i was so delight to hear the ringing tone but no answer but i didnt give up i called them again. Then one person answered with broken English and got the order who doesnt know name and Place he keep on repeating NAME NAME which i informed them Twice and the order took more than an hour :D Fabulous JOB!

Faazil Ibrahim

Had the worst possible experience as i was served half cooked Pizza and upon escalating to the manager the same Pizza came burnt (more like a slap on the face) and then it gets replaced by wedges of Small Pizza. (Wow talk bout customer service) The environment is bad..... floors wont be mopped and the bin was full. unfortunately i cant attach pictures to share my experience.

Overall i would advice to stay away from this Branch as the others are not this bad.

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