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Nugegoda, Colombo

South Indian Pure Vegetarian

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rohitha wijepala

Dear Management / all readers be careful there is a thug in the take away counter Its sad to say your restaurant at Nawala kandewattha Road who is in Take away Outlet doesn't know how to talk to the client. He is acting like he is the owner and shouted at me. He is request a number for my order but I said I dint given any number by the person who answered to take over my order over the phone and with that he with his rough voice and loudly said how can he find the order and there is no order if there is no number so I was confused the way he talked. I hope you have to train your staff otherwise this message goes to all the web site. latter stage there is a girl in cash Machine asked from me "sir give the telephone number" the gentleman who is in issuing the take away parcels dint had courtesy to ask my Tel number he just ask the my number so I asked the gentleman you should know to ask the my tel number with out requesting a number how can i know which number he is referring then he loudly shouted so we can send this message to all web site not only your foods your staff also has to improve. The man dark short hair wearing glasses like a thug, we will take step to send this message to all sri Lankan. and even to all the hotels. pathetic customer service .