McDonald's, Rajagiriya

249, Dudley Senanayake Mawatha, Rajagiriya, (Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte), Colombo

Restaurant Information

Serving Cuisines: Fast Food

Today: 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Price Range Approx Rs. 1,000 for two people.


  • Airconditioned
  • Dine-In
  • Serves Halal Food
  • Family Friendly
  • Credit-Cards
  • Take-Away
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Live Performances
  • Smoking Area
  • Happy Hours
  • Wifi Internet
  • Pure-Vegetarian
  • Bar Available
  • Buffet
  • Delivery Available
  • Parking Area

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Muditha Weerakkody

I had a similar experience recently...I ordered a happy meal for take away....the burgher had a very hard piece of dry chicken and no lettuce...And when I went home there was no toy....WARNING PLEASE CHECK YOUR TAKE AWAYS....MANAGEMENT PLEASE ANSWER TO THESE POSTS!

Duminda Munasinghe

This was a very bad experience I had few days ago at Rajagiriya Mc Donald's. I requested for two sausage burgers, two omelet burgers, one hot tea and one milk coffee. Then this person who was at the cashier (he was a supervisor) asked from another supervisor who was there, whether its possible to give milk coffee without buying the full meal because the system is not allowing him to enter. The other supervisor replied saying NO. Then this cashier person told me. Sir. You cannot have the coffee separately, instead can I offer you black coffee. My question is, if I had wanted black coffee then I would have asked for it in the first place, and am I suppose to eat or drink what they offer or what I want. I pay to eat and drink what I want and not what they want. It is sooo sad to say that, being an international brand, having the product available with them, they did not give me a separate milk coffee, as if I wanted to have it for free. So am I loving it, that's a BIG NO NO. I'm a regular Mc Donald's customer, and i'm really disappointed.

Anonymous User

Well actually Mc donalds was soo much better 6 years ago. When they actually gave a good meal for a sufficient amount of money. now it just sux.

Anonymous User

I love the desserts at Mac specially Chocolate Sundae and Apple Pie ..

Anonymous User

If you EVER ate in a real american or european McDonalds then you know that nowhere in Colombo a burger tastes like its supposed to. Actually if I would get that kind of food in a McDonalds elsewhere I would get my money back, because its nowhere near the standards like it should be. Sorry, but that-s just not the real deal!!!!

Dineesha Dayananda

Itz a nice place to hangout with friends. Good service.

Anonymous User

Mac Donalds Rajagiriya hires staff who are negligent, stupid or fraudulent. They cheat when you order takeaways. There were burgers missing. Please check your bags before you leave the counter.

Anonymous User

Today i bought a "happy meal with Mc-rice". But they have given me a Mc-junior. Also the salesman look sleepy.

Anonymous User

The veg Mc-rice was absolutely awful!!! They had used very low grade coarse "bashmathi?" rice, which was undercooked!!! The "gravy" was, merely, a combination of cheap sauces served diluted!!! The price Rs.280/- although not even worth Rs.80/-.

Burger prices etc. have all been revised to match "Burger King" sans the latter's quality. The Mc-veg-pattie served with both the bun and rice was, as usual, very bland!!!

All in all, an absolute waste of money!!! The refurbished ambience too is horrific! Cleanliness has greatly depreciated! Flies have made their presence!

I shall NEVER visit McDonalds again!

ABANS: very poor show ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Anonymous User

Today I Ordered 2 chicken big mac from rajagiriya Drive-thru but they gave me 2 beef Burgess and I realized that after eating one at my home. When I call them and complaint, they came to my house and delivered 2 chicken big mac and apologize for the mistake. I didn't expect that from them. --Chathuranga

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