Navayuga Indian Restaurant

Kollupitiya, Colombo


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Alavy - For the benefit of discerning gourmets I write this comment. I went to Nava Yugaya restaurant with another. We ordered two Nava Yugaya Thalis (i.e. both chicken and fish). Here is what we got: Fish - A decent piece of Thora fish curry. Chicken - Two pieces of bones, presumably off cuts from chunky pieces that are used for other dishes on the Menu. The vegetables: There was one rpt one single, small piece of brijal (aubergine) in one small metal cup, sambhar, a dry curry of ladies fingers which has to be seen from a microscope (it was much less than the droppings in the kitchen), a potato curry (three tiny pieces of potatoes, each a quarter inch square in some gravy etc. The price was Rs 585. For that price IT IS
A TOTAL RIP OFF. We also ordered a Chicken tikka. Those five pieces were chunky and came with some pickled onions. Those visiting this restaurant must remember the food is NOT value for money. Perhaps the overheads in that Kollupitiya area are far too high. Another fact - the food is much less than India for a Sri Lankan like me who travels frequently to Tamil Nadu cities. So those who go there will have to be very conscious of this.