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Muhammed Yoosuf Hassan

In the beginning of 2012 they wanted to get some extra money by cancelling the Halal certificate. No problem, but what did they do? They continued to LIE to their customers that all their products are still halal certified! Thereafter when the BBS started the Halal issue Pizza Hut thought that ACJU would close down and immediately renewed their certificate! CHEATS. But it hasnt closed down and now they are compelled to give halal food! If You (PizzaHut Sri Lanka) does not want to give halal food there is NO PROBLEM, but dont LIE about it and tarnish your company image! Look at Harpos Pizza, they dont want the halal certificate but they are not going about lying about it like these crooks. Dominos Pizza Sri Lanka is the best This is my personal experience, Im sure there are more negative feedback which I have read from other Pizzahut customers too! Most of the non Muslim customers too have recommended Dominos over Pizza Hut because of their customer service and quality.