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Look what I found in the chicken fried rice I bought from Wellawatte Royal Bakery today. A dead worm / leech. Pic 1 & 2. When I showed this and asked them, the person who introduced himself as Managing Partner Mr.Bandula Perera's reply was this is 'Beans sprouts'. I asked him to show me uncooked Beans sprouts and he was speechless. After I said I'm a media person and I was really disappointed about his defense and their poor hygienic approach, he was apologetic and was in a surrendering mood. But when I wanted to see his cooking area he was ready to show. It was only an average hygienic place. I've decided never in my life to buy anything from Wellawatte Royal Bakery and also to take this up to Health Department/Ministry and Consumer Affairs Department. Pic 1 & 2 - chicken fried rice with the worm Pic 3 - the original Beans sprouts