The Manhattan Fish Market

Kollupitiya, Colombo

Sea Food

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Today the Service was horrible took some family members for an anniversary treat There was no manager and when we entered the staff were more interested in cake or something they were eating. , No kids meal menu was offered till we asked the guy taking the order was a trainee who had no idea what was in the menu. It was a party of 5 adults and 2 kids...a glass of warm water took a good 20 minutes . One kids drink arrives and the other one took a good 10 mins so the kids had to share the first drink sip by sip. after asking to bring the kids meals first they brought our platters then only 1 kids meal.. had to wait for the other one and by that time our platter food was cold.. brought only 4 plates and I had to walk to the service area and ask for plates as there was no one even close by. Bad service not ONE staff member spoke fluently in English that we started to talk in Sinhala even to complain Asked for the managers contact it was NOT given to us.. When the meal was over they came and give the kids the activity paper with no pencil then 5 mins later they bring a pencil . In the first place the activity sheet and pencil should have been given to the kids at the start not at the end. Which . I have been here before and it was good.and specially the Duplication road one is excellent. But today may be the Manger not being present on a weekend and staff more interested in having their own personal food or what ever that a trainee who has no idea was sent to serve us.. . It is not the cheapest place to eat for 5 adults and 2 kids so u expect the service to be good unlike a kothu kade where people cant speak fluently and don't care. Manhattan Fish Market is an international chain Shame on you today for such a bad service you are ruining the International name.