Hot Wok Restaurant

Yakkala, Gampaha

Chinese Sri Lankan

9 reviews
PMR1983 Rathnayake

Shameful Customer Service!!! I went to Hot Wok to have lunch. Since I was in a hurry to get back home, I ordered from the set menu. The guy at the counter said it will take 15 mins max, so I made the payment. I had to wait there 45 mins for food to arrive. Had to inquire several times, each time he would say another 5 mins. Even customers who arrived after me had theirs before me and left. Finally when I got the food, the counter guy would say "here is your stuff". He didn't had the simple courtesy to say sorry. When I questioned his behavior, he said it's normal, why can't you wait for 10 mins??. These people are treating the customers like their debtors. A rubbish place...The owners need to take this seriously and teach their staff how to treat customers.