Where to get your Sri Lankan fix

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String Hoppers

Serving Sri Lankan in a stylish new place, Upali’s has managed to maintain their quality and value for money. Their dishes have the just the right quantity of both, rice and spice. With the right mix of ambience and authenticity, it appears to be the top choice to take a foreign guest for lunch to.

Tasty recommends: String hoppers with fish curry


At Café on the 5th the hoppers are so light, it’s just right. Crispy on the edges but just enough to not burn, their taste and texture makes the cut as the most satisfying place for hoppers (but keep in mind you have to order large quantities, as they really are light). They have pol sambol, curries and just about everything to go with it, not forgetting a great location and an outdoor lawn.

Tasty recommends: Egg hoppers with chicken gravy


What is a meal on an island without seafood? And what good is seafood if it’s not being eaten at The Lagoon? (That’s a rhetorical one) So we’re being partial because of the fresh display of seafood on ice but we promised to give you only the best of the best so here it is. They have variety and they give you freedom with how to prepare it, so it doesn’t get better. It’s going to burn a sizeable hole in your pocket but if your tummy is so content you’ll barely realize.

Tasty recommends: Modha in Thai lime and Chili sauce

Rice and curry

For a buffet spread of lavish Lankan food, Raja Bojun is a worthwhile choice. They have everything from chicken, crab and prawn curry which are rich in spice and texture which can be paired with the steaming vegetable fried rice. The real bonus here though is the perfect location – the new Liberty Arcade outlet.

Tasty recommends: Crab curry


Kottu is not just a meal, it’s a process. You have to see the roti being diced, the veggies being tossed; you have to hear that painful noise as they chop everything up. When the show is over, your taste buds get busy. Hotel de Plaza is just the right place to drive by to calm that kottu craving we all experience from time to time.

Tasty recommends: Cheese kottu

Godamba Roti

You knew this was going to be somewhere here. There’s no denying it – your experience is incomplete without this local haunt. The best way to enjoy your food is by eating in your vehicle (with the lights off preferably) or at the new tables set up outside it. Best time to go: Really late at night is when things get lively here, so make this your final stop – the ideal cherry on top of your Lankan kaeama roundup.

Tasty recommends: Cheese roti with less onions

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Tharshan Venkadesan

Nice collection. Are we missing Green Cabin from Kollupitiya ?